Warehousing in Central & Eastern Europe

Whether pallet warehouse, transit warehouse, picking & Packaging or storage classic. Our well trained staff will ensure the proper handling of your cargo.

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Warehouse Logistics - GTM Logistics GmbH

Distribution logistics according to your ideas

Local distribution of goods or merchandise distribution, picking Hotels and packaging, flexible delivery times or Express rides. GTM Logistics is your full-service partner.

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Distribution logistics - GTM Logistics GmbH

GTM Logistics GmbH Our locations in Central & Eastern Europe

Whether large or small customer customer. GTM Logistig operates internationally for you and ensures delivery date Faithful.

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Locations - GTM Logistics GmbH

Land transport Your service provider in the field of transport

Whether groupage, part & Full loads, abnormal loads, Express rides or transport by any means.
GTM Logistics GmbH is your partner.

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Land transport - GTM Logistics GmbH

References GTM Logistics GmbH

In order to protect our customers we do not publish any company names. However, we are happy to send you an excerpt from our reference list, upon request. Here you can see which sectors our customers come from.

Ground transportation

  • Construction machinery
  • Construction materials
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Beverages/Foods
  • Commerce
  • Wood
  • Automotive engineering
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Packages
  • Steel/aluminum

Air freight

  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Beverages/Foods
  • Commerce
  • Pharmaceutical industry
Construction machinery Construction machinery
Automotive engineering Automotive engineering
Construction materials Construction materials
Chemistry Chemistry
Electronics Electronics
Commerce Commerce
Wood Wood
Paper Paper
Packages Packages
Recycling Recycling
Steel Steel

Our locations in Austria, Romania and Hungary