Warehousing in Central & Eastern Europe

Whether pallet warehouse, transit warehouse, picking & Packaging or storage classic. Our well trained staff will ensure the proper handling of your cargo.

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Warehouse Logistics - GTM Logistics GmbH

Distribution logistics according to your ideas

Local distribution of goods or merchandise distribution, picking Hotels and packaging, flexible delivery times or Express rides. GTM Logistics is your full-service partner.

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Distribution logistics - GTM Logistics GmbH

GTM Logistics GmbH Our locations in Central & Eastern Europe

Whether large or small customer customer. GTM Logistig operates internationally for you and ensures delivery date Faithful.

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Locations - GTM Logistics GmbH

Land transport Your service provider in the field of transport

Whether groupage, part & Full loads, abnormal loads, Express rides or transport by any means.
GTM Logistics GmbH is your partner.

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Land transport - GTM Logistics GmbH

TRANSPORTATION IN EUROPE of full and partial loads

We oversee the entire transportation process in a great variety of countries across Europe. Be it full or partial loads – our shipping provides you with a suitable offer and additionally offers a variety of other services.

The journey is its own reward? Not with us! Timely delivery and a high level of customer satisfaction are the clear focus at GTM Logistics.


It is not just expertise and many years of experience that are required in the logistics industry. Modern, efficient and reliable technical equipment is also incredibly important. A seamless information flow is always guaranteed with us. For example, through:

  • Electronic data transmission – we are technically optimally equipped to meet your requirements.
  • Positioning system – which load is where when; thanks to the modern positioning system we know at all times.

You are currently at full capacity and need a professional partner to oversee transportation right from your warehouse?
Then use our consignment and packaging – we also look after your European transportation and shipments to other European countries in this area.

Assign European transportation to us now

You want to transport your full or partial load with us? Then contact us, discuss all the details on your transportation in Europe and beyond with our expert team and let us make you an individual offer.

We look forward to your call!

Our locations in Austria, Romania and Hungary